Party at Yours / Mount Hawke Skate Park / Port Eliot


'An Eco-Friendly Space to Party and Preserve'

Now in it's ninth year, the Port Eliot Festival is an annual celebration of words, music, imagination, laughter, exploration and - above all - fun. 'Our mission for 2012 is to create a strong green presence that is dedicated to the continuous improvement and education of our approaches. Therefore, reducing the impacts our event has on the environment and encouraging a sustainable future.' I was asked to supply a complete separate eco-style sub-branding as well as come up with creative solutions to raise awareness of the new campaign.

The festival is located on the beautiful St. Germans Estate and it is important their elephant symbol plays a significant role in the project.
The Poster that will be used within the confines of the festival to give knowledge of, and direct people to the Eco-Corner at Port Eliot.
A poster to encourage artists and others to get creative in an eco-conscious way and to display their work at the festival.
A marketing campaign to subtlety raise awareness by pointing in the general direction of the festival and the distance to it, without giving too much away, in order to get people talking'
Another 'guerilla' marketing campaign this time using fake parking tickets to inform people of the new green concept for next year. Due to the cost of this campaign these tickets were and will be strategically placed in places where there is likely to be a positive response. Such as the previous years festival and other events of a similar nature.
The 'green ticket' printed on recycled elephant dung paper is a special weekend ticket that allows people the use of certain extras at the festival, such as: solar showers, private eco-toilets, a green pack upon entry as well as free public transport from various places in the South-West.
A new typeface I developed for the project that has an organic and natural feel.
Party at Yours / Mount Hawke Skate Park / Port Eliot

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